Q1 2020 - Training Summary [A. Hughes]

November 5, 2019
Adam Hughes

Like most runners who have been gearing up for any kind of spring race, it was tough to finally hear that my race was cancelled. I was set to run a 100K race right outside of Zion National Park on April 18th. After my initial disappointment, my first thought was to figure out the logistics and run a 100K distance on April 18th on my own. Well, since then, a lot has changed and the current situation the world has found itself in seems a bit more dire than we all would have expected it to be. 

Because of this, I feel I have the social responsibility and moral obligation to keep my body and immune system in good standing. As most runners know, going for it on a long distance race whether it be a half, full or ultramarathon means pushing your body to the max and vexing it heavily. Although the entirety of my training camp has been successful and I have been on a wonderfully steady incline in weekly mileage, I feel strongly that the time is not right to run this race. I’ve worked too hard for there to be a cloud over my head when the day comes for me to step out and tackle this distance. Even though it is heartbreaking to step away from such a successful camp without having the taste of race day - it’s all good and I will bounce back. There are far more people experiencing much worse circumstances than I in this world. Keeping perspective and counting your blessings is great practice in times like these. 

Today’s 33 miler will mark the end of a wonderful month of March for me. Time to dwindle down, stay healthy and crawl into a yoga hole. Looking forward to getting the next race on the calendar and turning up the dial slowly and cynically just like this Q1 camp in 2020. 650 miles.

Post Note:
Zion Ultra 100K was a qualifying race for Western States. It was an important stepping stone on my journey to run at Western one day. I have chosen to defer my entry to next year and run the Zion Ultra 100K race in April 2021. There is also a Zion Ultra 100 mile race in 2021, we’ll see how the rest of 2020 goes before making any decisions.

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